First Meeting with President Volpe Answers Questions

     A few issues have come up recently and I recently met with President Volpe to be the voice o the students. I am certain that many of you will be happy to hear about these positive initiatives that Hood College is taking.
     I first talked to Dr. Volpe about our first SGA Opening Ceremony on September 13th at 1 p.m. This will be held in Whitaker Campus Commons, where snacks and drinks will be served. Volpe said that he is “excited about the opportunity to get SGA’s name out there,” and I 100 percent agree.
     One major concern that I have been hearing is the lack of bike racks, or the condition that they are in. Volpe said, “New bike racks are coming in, but they most likely won’t be here for this current bike season due to the designing of the best possible method for Hood.” The racks that we will be arriving at Hood soon will allow the bikes to be under a roof, almost garage-like, so the bikes don’t get wet. The above picture is not the ones you will see on campus, but they could look like it. Volpe did state this to me, however: “If more ‘cheaper’ bike racks are needed in the mean time, I will not hesitate to purchase more.” Students — let me know if that is the case…
     Many questions have been floating around about the new parking where the tennis courts used to be. There are no signs in this lot that designates who can park there. Volpe said that,  “the communication needs to be better.” He said, “Where there is no signage, that means anyone can park there. Where there are signs, only certain people can park in those designated lots.” This is something that I will ask facilities to send an email about so the Hood community is on the same page.
     Will be posting again on Friday.
     Speak Up Hood College, SGA Has Your Back
Doug Raftery, President

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