A Monumental Day for SGA – To-Go Boxes Are Back

A quick update that is an exicting development today – the to-go dinner boxes are back for student use.

You may ask, how did this happen? Well, first off, I want to thank the students for speaking up on this. This is a major step in allowing the students to have a voice. SGA stepped in along with Lindsay Cogdill, who started a petition that represented the opinion of 179 resident students. I learned today that Chuck Mann (Treasurer of the College) and Lovetta Carson-Morgan (Conference Services) work hand-in-hand with dining services. These are the administrators to go to on campus if all else fails in trying to get something done in that department. SGA brought the petition to Chuck Mann, who brought it to Lovetta, and all was fixed. We hope that this happens with other ongoing issues as well.

Though this is a victory for the students, the other issues still stand with dining services. Our HOT TOPIC meeting is on September 20th at 1 p.m. in Whitaker Commons, please come to that to voice your opinion, as all of dining services will be there. By the way, all menu information can be found by going to the dining hall website.

A monumental day for students…and a win for SGA as well.

Speak Up Hood College…SGA Has Your Back.


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