Students Urged to Speak Up About Criminal Activity

SGA is in full-go, but some unfortunate news was heard only a couple of days ago.

An email was sent out from Chief Puller, head of campus safety, to students telling them that if they had any information about a criminal activity on campus, they would be rewarded with $250.

The Student Government Association does not condone criminal behavior from our students and we urge all students to put feelers out regarding criminal activity on campus. Remember that when something is stolen or vandalized, the people who do this are stealing only your money and pride. I hope to see the students step up in this situation.

I know, not an exicting post this time around, but Hood needs your help. If you have any information regarding any vandalism or stealing, let campus safety know.

In other news, the HOT TOPIC on dining servies is this upcoming Tuesday, September 20 at 1 p.m. in Whitaker Campus Commons. Come if you have questions/comments regarding The Blazer or dining hall.

Speak Up Hood College…SGA Has Your Back.


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