Calling The Students Out – Where Were You?

SGA had its first ‘Hot Topic’ meeting of the semester on dining services Tuesday afternoon. We were hoping for a large turnout so College administrators understood the issues surrounding the department, but quite frankly, SGA and myself were disappointed with the attendance. We will have your back this year, but we need you to show up to events like these to show that you want positive change. I hope for a much larger turnout for other senate meetings and the next ‘Hot Topic’ meeting.

During the session, topics such as the guest policy, swiping one time per meal plan, having later hours for study groups available, extending Blazer hours, and rotation/different choices for pre-ordered box lunches came up. The guest policy will not change, as the to-go boxes were implemented so if you want to bring a friend to breakfast/lunch/dinner and they don’t have a meal plan, you can take it somewhere else. The swiping one time per meal plan may change soon, as Chuck Mann and Lovetta Carson-Morgan are looking into this.

Having later hours for study groups was a topic that was discussed at length. Raymond Rivera brought this up and received this answer from Chuck Mann: “We cannot trust our students right now with that because of the recent vandalism and stealing that we have seen the past couple weeks.” That is a frustrating answer for SGA, because we don’t have much push to ask for improvements right now due to STUDENT action. SGA urges all students to refrain from stealing, especially the flags that are put up around campus, because that hurts the student voice more than you think.

Pre-ordered box lunch rotations will be discussed within the Food Committee, which is headed by Kayla Dunaway, our Chair for Campus Facilities. Blazer hours will also be looked at this semester to see if they can be altered for next year.

As you can see, things can change if you attend and present your concerns at these meetings. If you haven’t attended a SGA Senate meeting, come and see what they are all about at the next one on Tuesday, September 27th at 9 p.m. To check out who to go to in SGA for concerns/questions, check out our Executive Board.

Speak Up Hood College…SGA Has Your Back.


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