Booking Rooms/Online Calender Questions Arise

Just wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of the back of our SGA shirts that will be coming shortly! All SGA members will wear these every once in a while, so if you see someone with one on, go to them with any topics you have on your mind. In other news…

Concerns have come to SGA that I would like to address, specifically ones about the online calender and the process of booking rooms.

Since I have been at Hood, the online calender has been a continuous problem because it just isn’t updated enough, but if you look, it has certainly improved. It was brought to SGA’s attention that students may want to see when and where all SGA Senate meetings (which are open to all students) are being held . The online calender would be perfect for that, and it is something that we will be working on in the coming week.

Another issue that was brought to my attention was that there is no way of knowing how to book a room. In order to book a room, you must become a recognized student organization through SGA/Student Life. If you are, then you must get together with Don Miller, Director of Student Activities, to book a room. Some students may think they have to go through conference services, which is in charge of that for the school, but there is no way for students to book rooms through tjat, so we all must go through Student Life (Angie Bauman helps out with this as well). SGA is working on having this information online, and possibly even having a form that allows you to book rooms in advance!

– A State of the Union/Address is being set up this week for mid-October. I will have a speech about the happenings at Hood and have a Q & A session with the students, faculty, and staff. I look forward to this and I look forward to the students asking many questions.

– A press release will be sent out soon to students from SGA commending the College on exceeding SGA’s expectations regarding campus safety.

That’s all for now, anything you need to bring up, remember – Speak Up Hood College, SGA Has Your Back.


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