Thanksgiving/Holiday Dinner Rumblings and Grumblings…Price Auditorium Asbestos Removed

I hope everyone is doing well, I’m sure all are getting ready for mid-terms. A quick reminder – this is the time of year when students get sick, so wash your hands and keep your clothes clean. No one wants a sickness to be the cause of a grade that you wanted to be better! On to business:

There have been some rumblings and grumblings about SGA removing the Thanksgiving Dinner so that the Holiday Dinner can be a better event. Let me set this straight right now…this is NOT true. We as an SGA want to make the Holiday Dinner, an event that is coordinated and put on by us, to be bigger and better than it has in past years. I said that I would be straight up with students this year, and I will be here. There WAS discussion about removing it, but that discussion has stopped because we know it would not be in the best interest of the students. Hope that clears up many conversations out there.

I met with President Volpe on Tuesday and he made me aware of two topics that students may not know about –

1. The College has purchased the 601 Rosemont Avenue house, which is to the left of the Wellness Center (if you look at it from Rosemont). This building will not be used short-term for any specific reason, the College just wanted to have some ownership of the land there. In the long-term (2-3 years), it will be used as a residence hall or apartment space and possibly even an academic building.

2. There have been some students wondering about Price Auditorium, which is on the first floor of Tatem. I have a report in my hand from Facilities and Chuck Mann, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer, that says once ceiling material fell after a water leak, the auditorium was closed. After that, this is what happened, straight from the report: “Once the ceiling material was verified as containing asbestos fibers by a professional environmental testing firm, the College hired a licensed hazardous waste removal firm to properly dispose of the fallen material and clean the auditorium…At no time were any building occupants in danger of exposure.” The auditorium was also re-tested and the tests came back negative. There are no plans at this time for how the space could be used in the near future.

There is an Improv show tonight that I urge all to go to, performed by the Hood Improv Troup (check out their facebook, they are hilarious). 8 p.m. – Black Box (Tatem Basement). SGA will be there to show our support.

Post again on Sunday…


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