Policies For Dollars Review – Let Me Hear From You

It’s been a week since I have posted anything relating to SGA. That is due to the fact that there is A LOT of behind the scenes information being talked about. A couple of things first off:

– SGA will be having a team in Mortar ball–watch out!

– Chuck Mann, vice president of finance, is presenting interesting school budget items (like where your money is going) to the students in Hodson 131 on Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. It’s going to be a great informational event and he will be open for questions.

– Since I just mentioned Oct. 13, I’ll stick with it. That is Class Color Day presented by SGA. Wear your class color to the table in Whitaker to be entered into a raffle for $25 (each class) to a downtown location and wear your dink for a chance to win $50 to any place you choose.

– There are faster computers in Apple, Commuter Lounge, and Library. SGA pushed for that last semester and the hard work paid off.

Now for who can go the craziest and win a pink spoon, I mean, Policies for Dollars:

– House Forum (which is funded and supported by SGA), did a fantastic job last night with Policies. I think the first-year turnout was great, and the amount of alums of each residence hall that came back to support them was surprising to me. There may have been more people than ever at the event this year. I think that everything ran fairly smoothly. Obvioulsy, the one event that stands out is Jeopardy and the confusion regarding the rules. Was it the most smoothly run event? No, it wasn’t. But instead of all of the students complaining, come to SGA and offer suggestions on how to change something if you don’t like it. Remember, although it is tough at times, that it is only a game. Here is junior Will Lane’s suggestion:

– The question asker stands in front of all of the contestants so they can see the light. The contestants must look forward at the question asker at all times. When a category is chosen, the question asker will read the question, but will stop the question when a residence hall buzzes in. You have 3 seconds to answer the question, and if you get it wrong, you lose points from your Jeopardy total. This should fix most of the problems.

Do you agree with that? Should we do it another way? Tell me.

Speak Up Hood College, SGA Has Your Back.


2 responses to “Policies For Dollars Review – Let Me Hear From You

  • Sarah

    I agree with this suggestion. I actually was going to suggest something very similar. I think there is a belief that some bias exists, this might eliminate that belief.

  • Nicole Beller

    I know I’m a bit late seeing this, but here’s a more pricy, (but worth it) suggestion:


    I used to be on my high school’s “It’s Academic” team back in the day- this is the exact kind of buzzer systems that were used in competition and in practice; as soon as one player from any team has buzzed in, all of the other teams and players are locked out. This eliminates any conflict as to who the first person is.

    And! As long as they’re taken care of properly, they will last for decades (my high school has had theirs since the 70’s)!

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