Where is Your Money Going?…Class Color Day…Health Center Update

  • SGA is bringing in Chuck Mann, Vice President of Finance, to speak to the students about where their money is going. Tomorrow (Thursday the 13th), Mr. Mann will be presenting this information in Hodson 131 at 9 p.m. We urge all students to attend as there will be a Q & A session afterwards.
  • It is Class Color Day tomorrw presented by SGA. If you wear your class color and go to the booth in Whitaker, you are entered into a raffle. If you wear your dink, you could win $50! Wear the color with pride.
  • It came to SGA’s attention this week that there have been scheduling problems within the health center, so we looked into it. This is an email that I received from the Health and Wellness Center:

The two issues brought up in the H.C.S.G.A. senate meeting were that it is the doctor is only in the health center for a limited time, and that you have to wait 2-3 weeks to get an appointment at the counseling center.

In regards to the first question, yes, sometimes it is difficult to get an appointment with the doctor because she is only contractually obligated to be here two hours a week. Due to growing utilization of the health center by students, the health center will be looking into extending the doctor’s hours in the future.  For now, students should try to schedule visits as far in advance as possible to have a greater chance of being offered an appointment time that will fit your schedule.

As far as there being a 2-3 week waiting period for the counseling center, that is entirely untrue. The counseling center is very prompt is scheduling appointments. Triage hours are from 10-11am and 2-3pm everyday Monday-Friday. At these times, you can just walk in and talk to someone. Anyone who is ever in crisis is seen immediately. The staff at the Counseling center understands that it is a very stressful time in the semester. However, there are trained professionals here that are qualified to handle these concerns. (Delores Grigsby, L.C.S.W.-C and Deborah Sudduth, L.C.S.W.-C).

So there you have it.

We are working on many different things with the dining hall, alcohol awareness week, and being your voice. Our email is SGA.ORG@HOOD.EDU – email us if you have something to talk about.


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