Tutors, Roommate Preference Form, Citations, Library Hours Brought to SGA’s Attention

Well it has been a busy week for SGA because of the proposed core curriculum. This week, everyone will be hearing more about our stance and an update on what decisions are being made. Our stance will also be printed in The Blue and Grey, along with a comment about recent decisions made, so look for that in Thursday’s issue.

At the most recent SGA Senate meeting, issues were brought to the table regarding the lack of tutors, roommate preference form issues, citations and library hours. We will work on these problems if we hear the students loud and clear. Have you seen issues with these topics?

1. It was said that the lack of tutors is seen in the biology department, along with the other sciences as well. Our Academic Affairs Chair is pulling together the number of tutors in each department. Have any students had problems scheduling a department tutor?

2. Our roommate preference form is very in-depth, but it sounds like tweaks need to be made. What are some questions that you want to see on there that weren’t when you were hoping for that perfect roommate? Ex: What temperature do you like the room to be when you sleep?

3. Citations have been given out this year at the same pace as previous years, but it seems like some are upset by how they are being given out. There may be something we can do about this, but we need quite a few examples to highlight this.

4. Library hours have been a hot topic for the four years I have been here. SGA is finally getting to the bottom of this issue, as three members have teamed up to research peer institution hours of operation. Is there a need for later library hours? You tell me.

SGA is in the midst of reconstructing the constitution. There are many questions we are asking on our end, especially how information gets transmitted from the students and student senate to the executive board and administration. Our website is being updated, so more information will be on that. For now, you can go to www.hood.edu, current students, and SGA Executive Board Bio’s for information on us.

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One response to “Tutors, Roommate Preference Form, Citations, Library Hours Brought to SGA’s Attention

  • Catherine Collins

    Library hours are a huge problem, in my opinion. I don’t think there’s any reason why the library shouldn’t be open 24 hours Sunday through Thursday, and especially during midterms and finals.

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