What Everyone’s Been Waiting For: SGA Stance, Statement on Proposed Core Curriculum

This post will be the stance of SGA regarding the proposed core curriculum. I will be giving a State of the Union next Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 1 p.m. in Whitaker Campus Commons to expand on what is going on with the core curriculum. I urge all students to attend. If you have any questions about the stance, please don’t hesitate to comment or email sga.org@hood.edu. Our stance will be published in the paper along with the statement that follows below:

READ BEFORE READING STANCE —- In the Friday, Nov. 11 faculty meeting, it was decided that the first-year seminar would stay in the proposed core curriculum (36 approved, 34 opposed, 8 abstainted). The Exec Board does not agree with this decision, and our stance was read at the faculty meeting after this was approved. The HCSGA Executive Board will come together and look at the new proposed core curriculum to decide whether we agree with the curriculum as a whole during our upcoming meetings.


The Hood College Student Government Association Executive Board believes that it is our duty to be heard by the faculty on behalf of the students in regards to the proposed core curriculum. For the past month, the HCSGA has met and discussed the proposed changes with Dr. Karen Hoffman and the core committee. The HCSGA Executive Board would like to express their appreciations and concerns regarding the proposed core. To effectively evaluate the entire core curriculum proposal, the HCSGA Executive Board reviewed it in three separate parts, as outlined below:

  • First-Year Seminar, Executive Board Vote 2-9-0
    • The HCSGA Executive Board expresses appreciation for the effort to improve writing and literacy skills of all students.  The HCSGA Executive Board widely supports the idea of a first-year seminar but feels as though the program should be explored more thoroughly.
    • The HCSGA Executive Board is worried about section cuts and increased class sizes that would occur due to the implementation of the first-year seminar.
      • It was explained to us by the core committee that if a class is offered twice in an academic year with one section and contained 12 students each semester, those two classes may be combined to open up space for a possible first-year seminar. This hinders students from scheduling classes on a flexible basis.
  • During the next three years of implementation, the HCSGA Executive Board is concerned about the retention of the upperclassmen due to the focus on the first-year seminar, especially because advisors would have to be informed of and manage two different cores.
  • Gym Requirement, Executive Board Vote 9-0-2
    • The HCSGA Executive Board discussed the change of the gym requirement to pass/fail and it was highly supported. We agree with the proposed changes regarding the activity requirement because it allows students more flexibility. One concern with changing it to pass/fail is how it is going to affect upperclassmen and whether they will be grandfathered into the system.
    • Overall Core without the First-Year Seminar, Executive Board Vote 11-0-0
      • The HCSGA Executive Board is committed to making Hood College a respected liberal arts institution and agrees that this core curriculum further achieves that goal, as well as offers the majority of students the opportunity  for greater scheduling  flexibility.

The HCSGA Executive Board acknowledges and appreciates the time and effort the faculty and core committee have put into creating the core and maintaining a competitive edge among liberal arts institutions. While we understand that implementation
is another process apart from the creation of a new curriculum, we feel that the first-year seminar should be voted upon separately once implementation is more concrete. As representatives of the student body, we urge you to listen to and consider our stance towards the proposed core curriculum.


Doug Raftery, President                           Kevin Johnson, House Forum Rep.                   Mandy Smith, Commuter Rep.

Ethan Weidman, Vice President             Kayla Dunaway, Campus Facilities Chair        Blair Starnes, AJC Chair

Jennifer Bentz, Secretary                          Kaitlyn Hays, Academic Affairs Chair             Jessica Henry, CAB Chair

Tyler Fairley, Treasurer                            Bianca Padilla, BOA Chair                                  Trevor Shell, Campus Services Chair

Danielle Samsingh, Student Life Chair



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