The 15 Semester Highlights of SGA; Semester Recap, Looking Forward

Wow, it has been one semester already. It is amazing how quickly it seems time goes by. In mid-October, I was hoping this day would come. Now that it has, I realize that SGA has one semester remaining to create positive change on this campus. We did a lot this first semester, althought it may not seem like it to the general student. Change must come in certain amounts, so from 1-15, here is what we did and found out the first semester:

1. Made the first-ever Hood SGA webpage and planted our faces and committees in The Blue and Grey

2. Found out that bike racks will be put on campus that have covers on them

3. Had a dining services ‘Hot Topic’ and brought back the to-go dinner boxes with some help

4. Put our voices out there in resolutions about Campus Safety blue safety lights and Computer Upgrades through IT. We also urged students to speak up against criminal activity, which is a work in progress

5. Had students come to us asking for help within their organizations, alternative spring break trip, and new athletic center fitness center policy and hours. Our Black Student Union came to a Senate meeting and presented challenges to us about tutors and roommate preference forms that we are still working on

6. Were able to tell the students that Price Auditorium had asbestos removed from it before anyone could report it

7. Had a review of Policies for Dollars and will look at changes for that next year, especially in the Jeopardy department

8. Chuck Mann presented the school budget to us and broke down where our money is going, so if you ever complain about how expensive Hood is and how the money is spent, you would know where it goes if you were at that

9. Celebrated President Volpe’s 10-year anniversary as being President of the college (congrats!)

10. Had two spirit days, which fulfilled our semester goal. One was blue and grey day, the other class color/dink day

11. Took arguably the most courageous stance any SGA at Hood has ever taken on the Core Curriculum. Due to our voice, we believe that the faculty heard us and implemented only a two-year pilot program of the first-year seminar, which we first voted against by a vote of 2-9-0

12. Put on the most successful Holiday Dinner to date in my four years, with a free giveaway (cups!) that everyone loved, an ugly sweather contest that produced many hits and likes on our facebook page, and video montage in the dining hall

13. Extended library hours the week before and of finals until 1:30 a.m. We will see how much it was used and also look into if it is worth extending library hours during future semesters

14. We are going through possibly the largest structural change in SGA history with our senate because we noticed communication challenges between our Executive Board and Senate memebers. We want everyone to be involved…this is an ongoing process.

15. Received confirmation that there will be a student representative on the space utilization committee (gambrill downstairs, house across the street we purchased, Price Auditorium, etc.) and there will be student involvement in the Director of CARR and Director of Student Success and Outreach searches.

As you can see, there has been a lot accomplished in four months, and many of these are the ‘material’ things that people see. There have been talks in Exec and Senate of IQ Web, blackboard (which we understand is a big challenge and will be taking it by the horns next semester), co-programming, and a respect this campus campaign.

This blog was started because I had to write it for my online journalism class. I have been overwhelmed by the support (somehow this blog got over 1500 views, averaging more than 75 per post), and because of that, I will continue this next semester.

Next semester, I am looking forward to some eye-popping events and talks because this is a very strong SGA board. I see the game room coming up next semester, additions of new clubs that could change this campus entirely, and much more.

Until next semester, have a fantastic break, rest up and enjoy yourself. – Speak Up Hood College…SGA Has Your Back



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