Second Semester Rolling Along: Highlights include Coblentz Renovations, Organization Budget Increases, Hood Tradition Revival

This is the first blog that I have not had to write because of class…I promise that they will come once a week after this. We have just started to get things rolling. Quite a few updates for all to be aware of.

First off, I want to say that I am extremely happy the way the first semester went. Check out the last post before this one if you have yet to see our accomplishments.

– SGA was thrown right into things during our first week of school, as President Volpe, Chuck Mann, and Lovetta Corson-Morgan came to us asking for advice. Hood College has tentative plans to change the look of Coblentz Dining Hall. This will include the cashier being further inside so the line doesn’t go outside during lunch/dinner time. It is possible there will be two swipe sections. Some changes inside Coblentz include: having two stations where the salad/sandwich making stations are now, but they will be changed to pizza making and salad making. There will be workers at the both of those who will be able to make a custom-made pizza/salad for you, although there will be already made ones if you need to get out of the dining hall quickly. The conveyor belt will be removed and tables will be added. The belt will be inserted where the drinks are right now on the left side. Drinks will still be on the right side and also outside where the new stations are located. These plans were supported by SGA and will allow students to enjoy Coblentz a lot more.

– There will also be changes to the Blazer area. The grill area will still be there, but a new franchise called Freshies will be inserted there. The area will be renovated. There will also be another up-scaled coffee shop placed in the library. The SGA supported this and recommended that all four floors of the library be open, although a librarian is not needed in our opinion. The Blazer area may be updated this summer, but it has not been decided if it is feasible at this time. Either way, it will be updated in the summer of 2013. Exciting news.

– The Student Government Association is here for the students. Therefore, we advocate for our students. Programming has been limited, as we have increased organizations by double digits in the past two years. We have exhausted our budget the last two years as well. Because of that, Tyler Fairley and his Finance Committee sat down with CFO Chuck Mann and presented a budget increase of $37,500. The presentation to him was professional, and because of that, Tyler will be presenting our proposal to the Planning and Budgeting committee. This is great, because it is the first time in many years, and possibly the first time ever, that a student has presented to that committee. We are excited and grateful for the opportunity. If we do receive the money, it will be breaking and exciting news for all campus organizations, classes, and residence halls.

– SGA is in the midst of some internal changes, and we are going to be making our final recommendations in late-February or the beginning of March to the students. Some of these changes will affect how things are run on this campus, and we believe we are creating positive change in doing so. More info to come out on that.

– There is a student representative, Katie Hays, our Academic Affairs Chair, on the first-year seminar pilot program that has been introduced by the faculty and Provost. We are excited to have a representative on that and are happy that the students will have a voice when it comes to decisions being made in that regard.

– In other news, SGA is looking to revive a Hood Tradition that has been lost. Does anyone have recommendations?

– I am looking to present a Last Lecture at the end of my presidency, as I have been through many experiences, and I want to pass them off to others. More information will come out about this, but I look for everyone’s support in attending this later in the school year.

I know…a long update. That is what has been going on, and there is plenty more to talk about in the next post. Our next SGA Senate meeting is Valentines Day, February 14th at 9 p.m. Hope to see people who love Hood come and talk about what they think we should be working on.

Sincerely, Your Student Body President,

Doug Raftery

Speak Up Hood College, SGA Has Your Back




8 responses to “Second Semester Rolling Along: Highlights include Coblentz Renovations, Organization Budget Increases, Hood Tradition Revival

  • beatitudesofmylife

    Can an alum offer a suggestion for a tradition (or two) to revive?
    First, I’d make the suggestion that Secret Santa be revived throughout the campus. This can be done via dorm floors, halls, classes, whatever YOU feel would work, but this tradition is one that the HoodMoms group has continued to carry out for the past 8 or 9 years. It’s amazing how fun it can be just as your stressing over finals, especially if its your first semester at school. A low dollar amount would be preferred, so no one would have to be left out.
    Second, I’d like to suggest reviving some workable version of the Big Sis/Little Sis program. Would it be possible to simply pair Juniors with Freshman each year? What about pairing incoming and/or current students with alums who would be willing to be their own “HoodLum”? I know there are many difficulties facing a project such as this, but I do believe that Hood students can come up with a workable/viable solution if they like this idea…
    Love the blog site – glad to see how active campus life still is at Hood!
    ~alison (drum) althouse
    Hood 86

  • Andrea Kibbe

    I am another alum with a suggestion of a tradition to revive. When I read you were looking for ideas, I immediately thought about the Big Sis/ Little Sis program. I am an alum who’s daughter is a current freshman at Hood and was a little disappointed that this tradition no longer exists. I am still in touch with my Big Sis from my days at Hood. Alison was right on track with her ideas of how this might be implemented. I’m sure the students could figure out a way to bring back the tradition!
    I, too, love the blog site. It’s a great way to keep connected to Hood.
    ~Andrea Palmer-Kibbe
    Hood ’89

  • Melissa Joseph

    First of all, cool that you have a blog. I did not know that until today and almost everything in it was news to me. I wonder if you could publicize this so that others are aware?

    I love the big sis/little sis idea. Last year, I approached the student life office with an almost identical idea (possibly with a focus on scheduling assistance) and was told it would be looked into. I have not heard back since and am disappointed. I’m not sure that I see any reason this wouldn’t be feasible.

    My only concern with the ideas in this post is the last lecture series. While I understand your reasoning for presenting one, i’m not sure that it would be an effective program. The series is typically done by a faculty member who may have significantly more years under his or her belt than a student and can give a reflection based on a life time rather than just on one year. Mortar Board will be sponsoring such an event in February 2012. Doug’s experience in SGA is certainly relevant to those who will be following in the SGA footsteps that he has left, however to most students Doug’s experiences in any other area are much like their own. This is only my opinion and I hope it does not offend anyone, I just think that there’s a certain expectation and prestige to the last lecture series that a student leader just isn’t at a point in life yet that would qualify him or her to uphold.

    -Melissa Joseph
    Class of 2012

    • dougraftery

      All – Thank you for your ideas, we will give a good look into the big sis/liitle sis or big sib/little sib idea since it has been popular here and from emails I have received.

      Melissa – This is the first time you’ve read the blog!? Oh man, any ideas on how to incorporate it elsewhere? Much of this info gets put in the Blue and Grey,but not this upcoming issue because of timing challenges with our meetings.

      Thanks for your input on the Last Lecture idea. Maybe you are right that it isn’t good to call it a ‘Last Lecture’ due to the nature of these presentations. I understand Mortar Board will be putting this on. This is more of something that would be at the end of my Presidency and hopefully continue if other SGA President’s latched on so it became a tradition when President’s would leave. Being SGA President, you see a whole other side of this college that many students don’t get to experience, therefore I do believe our experiences are much different than the general student, even a general student leader.

      Doing this has not been decided or set in stone, though I have talked about it with some administrators and it has been widely accepted. Again, maybe Last Lecture is not what we call it. Maybe the SGA Passing of the Torch or something like that. Please let me know if you have any other ideas.


  • Melissa Joseph

    Is there a long to the blog on the Hood website? That could be another way to spread the word.

    I agree with you, a name more specific to the job you are reflecting on would be more appropriate. Maybe the State of the Student Body or something to that effect.

    Thanks for your response. I will continue to read.


  • Seth

    What’s the story with the Blazer being changed to Freshies? Will it still be run by the Aramark staff, or will it be entirely separate?

    • Seth

      Also, what the heck is a Freshies?

    • dougraftery

      Hey Seth, thanks for the comments.

      The Blazer grill area will still be there, and regular coffee and smoothies will be run at Freshies, which is a up-and-coming Franchise. Due to budget, we are not able to get a McDonalds, Burger King, etc, so Freshies is the next best thing. This whole improvement is being made by capital improvement by Aramark, which means they put in money to do renovations in order to get their contract renewed for next year. The staffing for the dining hall, freshies, and Blazer will continue to be Aramark employees. Any more questions, let me know.


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